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Is there anything else that is more graphically satisfying than seeing a gorgeous, sexy woman squirting after she has been fucked? It just lets you know that she has had the most amazing orgasm ever and it has always been something that has really opened my eyes. That squirting outcome is the sole reason for Shes Gonna Squirt, so get your wet suit on, get the scuba gear out, as this is going to get messy.

There She Blows!!

Some of these chicks squirt in a way that can only resemble a volcano erupting, but without the lava of course. The force at which they squirt is mind blowing, but it is also the way that their bodies tend to shake and twist as they orgasm that will also grab your attention. You actually feel sorry for the cameraman as he must be drenched with all of that liquid shooting out, but hey this is porn and we love it to be graphic and boy do these girls deliver.

The Action Is Out Of This World.

OK, so the squirting part is fun, but so is the actual fucking that gets them to the point where they are able to shoot out their juices. These chicks know how to fuck and they are not afraid to show it with them taking cocks in every hole and fucking constantly until they cum.

More Scenes Are Being Added.

This site is closing in on 100 movies as well as picture sets, but it is cool that there is a relatively low number since they are adding on a regular basis. You also need to remember that it is part of Brazzers, so obviously the content is well shot and well produced and the chicks are the hottest out there. The fact that they do squirt just puts them into a different league for me.

Shes Gonna Squirt is one of those sites where you are just glad that you joined. It is graphic, it is in your face, and ultimately it is well worth the joining fee.