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Who says that only Hollywood movies deserve to win Oscars and accolades? Well there is this porn site called Hegre Art that has won numerous awards including the Erotic Oscars (which is a big deal in the porn industry). Back in the early 2000s, Peter Hegre was nominated and won the photographer of the year award. And now, he has a website where he can show everyone why he is the best at what he does. 

This dude knows how to make erotic and sensational material that grabs your attention and makes your nether-region erupt in insatiable desire. So, let us dissect this site and see if it’s something you should consider joining.

Inside there is a Movie Section on Hegre Art where nice videos are posted for members to watch. The new additions to this gallery are in several format and files including wmv, divx, avi, mp4, and mov. There are also some High Def videos inside and the streaming abilities of the flash player are more than adequate. 

The thing that this site really throws its weight -behind is quality erotica material. If you sign up thinking you will get hardcore in-your-face material, you need to rethink your expectations. In a lot of the scenes you will see inside, you will find that its mostly hot gal action.

And the action is not the normal glamour, soft-core action either. You will find tons of nude gals and nice shots of legs, asses, breast and even pussy shots. in total, new members can watch over five hundred and fifteen videos. There are almost eighty videos that focus on lingam and yoni massages. 

Other niches inside are hand jobs, finger penetrations, toy play, and everything that is done is made in exceptional artistic quality. When it comes to the photos, you will be very happy with the three thousand three hundred picture galleries inside. The structure and layout of the picture gallery is designed with two things in mind, 1)beauty, and 2) functionality.

It’s almost as if you are looking at a glossy, well put together magazine cover with babes oozing out of the pages making you very sexually hungry. The images are classified into various categories and they have date stamps on them. This lets you know the latest and the oldest additions to the gallery. 

It is possible to download the images using the .zip file. Members are given the option of three different sizes when it comes to pictures. The biggest pixel resolution is a jaw dropping 3000 by 2000p. The small versions of the images are still in High Res quality.

Peter has a lot of stuff inside his site including Hegre’s stories and a hegre art discount for 70%. Here you will find information about the various experiences this award-winning photographer has gone through over the years. You will take voyages to exotic places, meet many gorgeous babes, and have a lot of fun. 

You will find a lot of information and great advice about the tantric arts that will leave you wiser, if not hornier. Packed to the very brim with High Quality sexy and erotic action, there is no reason why you shouldn’t check out this site.

There are daily and weekly updates of pics and videos so you can expect more and more. Hegre Art is not something you can pass up, if quality babes and quality erotic material is what you want. Check them out.