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Haze Her claims to have real submissions of sororities giving their pledges a tough time. They make their pledges do things we never thought they would do but they make us have fun while doing it. The girls are embarrassed but everyone knows everything here is staged from the start.

There are 50 videos on Haze Her and there are times when you feel like the girls are getting real rough to their pledges but we all want to see them all naked anyway. You can download the movies in an MP4 format, a Windows Media player format or even a portable one.

Each video comes with a photo set which means there are 50 sets of pictures and you can save all of them in a Zip file. They add content every couple of weeks even though the website is not exactly loaded with content. Despite that, this website is worth the price of membership because it is always fun seeing girls get played around.

Despite the fact that the Haze Her website lied when they said the videos here are real, it is still fun to watch them since we all don’t care whether they are real or not. More importantly, there’s a haze her discount that¬†should feel smart to use. What matters is some girls get treated as slaves because the girls would do anything to get in the sorority. It is a whole lot of fun being a sister since you will get a lot of allies but those allies are nowhere to be found during the initiation. The pledges are put through all sorts of embarrassment and it includes being put on a leash and being presented naked in front of a bunch of lucky guys.¬†Sometimes, they even go ahead and lick their pussies and get it on with some guy’s cock.

There is no bad acting with Haze Her as the chicks did their part in making us believe that the videos here are user submitted. It is too bad there are no bonus sites around while we are waiting for their site to update which does not happen until another couple of weeks.