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Digital playground is a studio site, a good break away from other sites which bombard you with all types of material. They have photos and video content, but it is the exclusive DVD pack that steals the limelight. These DVD packs are available for flash streaming, and are produced by Digital Playground alone, so you can be aware of the kind of content you can expect from it.

This site mainly provides good old porn movies, the ones with an actual story and characters (the kind suitable for porno flicks of course). So with a lot of spicy content adding an elegant touch to your daily collection of porn, you can rest assured that you have something special to look forward to every time you log in.

Digital Playground Review – Some Pros:

The movies are actual feature length movies! Most porno flicks today have raw, unpolished videos which hardly resemble reality. But let’s face it, no one fucks for an hour straight. These productions take time to come up with a story and produce movie grade porno stuff. They also offer bloopers and behind the scenes footage as extras on the DVDs, just like any other movie websites.

The streaming is of high quality, and very quick with practically no buffering. Every movie comes with a detailed description about the cast and crew and the movie itself, which helps in assessing the movie. The site also offers a search by model or search by preference, which lets you save your time. The site is regularly updated, and you can expect new material every week. Another pro is the digital playground discount here on Caroline Joy Photography.

The site offers no downloads. That’s right; it works on you can only watch principle. To add to the woe they offer only one format for viewing as well. This is a huge setback for sites like these, because the download option is a standard feature in sites like these nowadays. You will also notice that the video quality degrades significantly as you check out the older videos. The newer videos are crisper and clearer, but the older ones tend to be of standard quality, and sometimes choppy. This has to be blamed for the obsolete technology and camera equipment being used back then.

With all said and done, Digital Playground is one big playground for the models, offering an excellent array of porn catering to reality based themed movies.