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Dare Dorm hosts many movies where real college pupils have organized and filmed horny hardcore couples, fantastic stunning threesomes and absolutely crazy group sex. The students submit their recorded porn to the website and the best one is awarded with one thousand dollars.

This money as an incentive forces the students to perform to the best of their abilities creating stunning hot hardcore porn for the viewers to relax and enjoy. The updates are pretty slow as the website is updated around every two weeks. It is not clear why the scenes are not being displayed at a fast pace but it could have something to do with the fact that the prize is now only a tenth of what it used to be. People maybe find that they could make more money in the industry elsewhere.

To date there are just over 103 videos and all have vid caps. They have made it clear that ten thousand dollars has already been handed out as prize money to sex loving students in Texas. Each movie is typically around about 50 minutes long providing you with plenty of hot action. Unfortunately these movies are for streaming only and can not be downloaded. This is a huge let down, however the website is still fantastic nonetheless. To be fair the videos look stunning on the screen and many have a high definition option which is a huge plus to the DareDorm network.

Of course many people will be wondering if the action is real. To be completely honest my answer to this question is maybe. The performers in these movies are gorgeous with stunning bodies, however they do also come across as extremely amateur and also true to the college coeds they are meant to be.

The update schedule is very disappointing as it is very slow, there is not a huge amount of content available to be viewed and there is a huge amount of amateur camerawork. However most people are oblivious to some of this as they are intrigued by the hot hardcore action and the Dare Dorm discount helps with this too. There are no bonus sites included with a membership to the network either. Overall it is clear that Dare Dorm does provide you with hot babes and hardcore action, however it is also fair to say that the network could be improved massively in a few key areas.